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New Refractive Technologies – Smile Eye Surgery in Delhi

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New Refractive Technologies – Smile Eye Surgery in Delhi

The incidence of refractive errors is increasing and it is a hassle for many to wear spectacles on daily basis to correct the error. With advances in management of refractive errors, FDA has approved SMILE in 2016. This is an advanced, non invasive and simple technology to get rid of spectacles. Spectra Eye Hospital is among the few  first eye hospitals in Delhi specialized in delivering SMILE eye surgery in Delhi.

Why prefer SMILE over LASIK?

SMILE is a Small Incision Lenticule EXTRACTION laser surgery aimed to make an individual free from Prescription glasses.

  • SMILE eye surgery is a bladeless, painless and flapless surgery. Hence the complications related to flap are absent.
  • The incision with SMILE is very small as compared to LASIK. Hence it is very commonly sought after technology.
  • ReLex SMILE by Zeiss has very good healing as compared to the LASIK treatment.
  • SMILE has provides painless and faster recovery postoperatively.

Spectra Eye Hospital is the first choice for SMILE:

smile surgery machine

Spectra eye Hospital, the best eye hospital has been the first choice for many who prefer to get the various eye treatment for the following reasons:

  • Latest technology is available all under one roof and by experienced team of doctors
  • It has a range of treatment facilities to correct the refractive errors
  • In Delhi Spectra eye Hospital is one among the few centers offering SMILE eye surgery.
  • Easy ways to pay for the treatment facilities and good discounted prices
  • Has a record of more than 20,000 laser corrections being done with successful result for correction of refractive errors.

SMILE eye surgery cost in Delhi:

SMILE has proved be one of the best technologies for refractive errors correction. At Spectra Eye Hospital, it is available at very competitive price and with assured excellent results done by the best and very experienced surgeons. Walk into Spectra  Eye Hospital and get rid of your specsless with no pain and at affordable rates. Restore your vision with kind and gentle touch at Spectra Eye Hospital.


eye safety tips for working adults

Eye Safety Tips For Adults

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1. Use protective glasses:
a) if you work outdoors for long, as prolonged exposure can induce UV induced damage to the eye in the form of corneal damage, cataract, macular degeneration etc.
b) occupational hazards-welders as the welding arc can cause photic retinopathy (damage to retina of eyes).
c) If you are using chisel and hammer or drilling at home, as any small particle can cause injury in the eye.
An ophthalmologist visit is necessary in these cases.
d) while playing sports like ice hockey, racquetball etc
e) looking at a solar eclipse as again it can cause damage to the retina
fun fact – uv rays are used for tanning, killing microbes, treatment of vitiligo, accelerates aging, induces vitamin D, destroyes vitamin A, is invisible to human eye and hence called the black light,

Eye care Tips for laptops or mobile phones users.

2. If you usually work on laptops or computers or mobile phones, you should ensure that you do so in proper lighting and proper posture. Lack of either of these of these causes stress on the eyes leading to frequent headaches.
Using mobile phones lying on bed and in darkness for log is not advisable. While working on laptops for long, you should blink frequently (at least 10 – min) and look away from the screen. In case you feel burring or itching, do not rub your eyes and get an ophthalmic consultation.

3. Home makers – Be careful of the chemicals used at homes like caustic soda, drain cleaning agents, moth balls etc. which have harmful chemicals in high concentration and can cause damage to eyes. Wash it thoroughly with water and visit an ophthalmologist.

4. Diet – A diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, E, Lutein etc is recommended for good eye health. You should include green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, fish like salmon, tuna, eggs, nuts, beans, citrus fruits etc in your diet.

5. Regular Eye Checkup – Everyone needs an eye checkup, even kids. eye examination can also find diseases like glaucoma that have no symptoms(an important risk factor of which is age>40). Its important to detect them early so as to avoid loss.

6. Systemic diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis etc require a baseline eye examination follow by repeated checkups as recommended by the ophthalmologists depending on the stage and severity of disease. the changes in eye might be due to the disease process per say or due to the drugs used to treat them.
7. Eye drops– do not use eye drops from chemist directly without consulting an ophthalmologist as it might contain steroids of harmful preservatives which on prolonged exposure may damage the ocular surface, cause glaucoma, cataract etc. Also when using eye drops, never touch the tip of dropper. Do not use opened eye drops more than a month. you can consult an eye hospital in Delhi for your eye drops advice.

8. Post op instructions – use eye drops as recommended, do not rub eyes. for cleaning your eyelids, wash your hands with soap and water, use cotton dipped in boiled and cooled water to gently wipe the skin over the eyelids. Avoid Splashing water in early postop period. wear sunglasses. Avoid swimming, cooking near high flame, pollution for some time.(time varies in different surgeries)

9. Tips for pollution –
a) Limit exposure to pollution
b) Wear sunglasses
c) Avoid rubbing your eyes even if particulate matter enters
d) Wash your eyes thoroughly
e) Close car windows during peak traffic hours
f) Practice hand hygiene in routine

Best Eye Care tips for kids

Eye Care Tips for Children’s Eye

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Best Eye Care Tips for Children’s Eye

1. Never Leave your children alone with crackers sharp objects like bow and arrow or even pencils for that matter as it can cause eye injury. if that happens, you must get a first aid from your local ophthalmologist.

2. if your child complaints of frequent headaches, fatigue, gets sleepy while studying or prefers to sit in the front row in the class, it might point to an underlying refractive error and needs a checkup by an ophthalmologist detecting refractive errors in children in an early stage is essential to avoid lazy eye in kinds where the vision correction changes are reduced and the best corrected vision is might not be at par with the normal. lazy eye in the kids where the vision correction changes are reduced and the best corrected vision is might not be at par with the normal. Lazy eye can be due to refractive error, squint, congrential cataract etc. eye patching can be done if detected early. if surgery is recommended for squint or congenital cataract, it should be done as early as possible (and not after 18 years as some people recommend). An Example is dr kenneth wright, a famous pediatrics ophthalmologist from Los Angels whose fifth child had squint in infancy child and he did an early surgery with great success.

3. Insect bite to the child near eye can cause allergic reaction which carries a risk of secondary in fection and a timely ophthalmic checkup is a must.

4. If your child has developed eye flu, it is best that you avoid sending the child to school as it is contagious. However, most common cause is viral and mainly supportive treatment is all that is required. However, there is a risk of developing a secondary infection and prophylactic antibiotics may be prescribed. a Visit to an ophthalmologist is advisable.

5. Laser pointers- A Laser pointer with power more than 5 milliwatts when pointed directly into someone’s eyes,can do is blink and to look away. An ophthalmic consultation should be done if that happens. As it is difficult to regulate the labeling done by manufactures, FDA Advise to never aim or shine a laser pointer at anyone and to not but buy laser pointers for your children.

6. Myopia – Main causes of myopia are genetic and environmental. However in some studies, recent epidemic of myopia is believed to be due to urbanization is increased in door activity more use of near vision as in laptops, mobiles etc. So it is better to encourage the kids to go play outdoors and restrict their screen time and your too.

7. Tips for swimming-

a) Pool-Chemicals used to disinfect pool; can cause redness, itching, inflammation, chemical or allergic conjunctivitis.
b) See, Rivers, Lakes etc might have bacteria, manmade pollutants or animal waste in them.

Visit spectra eye hospital for eye treatments

intraocular lenses

Which IOL is right for me?

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Which IOL is right for me?

Cataract Surgery can be overwhelming, but what could be stressful is choosing the right lens post your surgery. It is important to choose the right IOL as it is replaced just once and has a permanent effect. With the advancement of technology, a lot of new IOLs are available that can treat a variety of other conditions and improve your vision drastically.

Before undergoing the surgery, you should choose which IOL is right for you

Standard Lenses:

These lenses can improve your vision only at a particular distance. Depending on your work and lifestyle, you must choose the lens. Standard lens can either improve your vision for long distance, short distance or middle distance.

Toric Lenses:

These lenses, similar to standard lenses, can improve your vision only at one distance. However, it can treat astigmatism which is caused when your lens or cornea becomes irregular.

Multifocal Lenses:

Multifocal lenses can correct your vision at more than one distance without the need for different glasses. However, there are still better options.

Monofocal Lenses:

This is the most versatile lens when it comes to correcting your vision post cataract. A single lens for farsightedness is inserted into one eye and another for shortsightedness is inserted into another helping you avoid the problems of multifocal lens.

Do your research. Ask your doctor.

Based on your lifestyle and vision, a doctor may be able to suggest the best IOL for you. At Spectra Eye Hospital, we have the most technologically advanced diagnostic set up for helping you get the best eye care possible.

alcohol effect on eyes

The effects alcohol can have on your eyes

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There are a lot of things we do in our everyday lives that are not really useful for our eyes or our vision all in all. And keeping in mind that things like decide to not wear shades while outside or avoiding our normal eye exam are obviously poor decisions with regards to our visual perception, there are different things that you may not consider that could likewise be doing harm to your vision. One of these things is drinking an unreasonable measure of liquor every now and again. While you might not have speculated this previously, there are a lot of negative results for your eyes that originate from devouring mixed drinks in substantial sums. Keep perusing beneath to learn only a couple of the manners in which liquor influences your vision both long and here and now.


  • Lessened sensitivity to contrastOne of the most important things that your eyes can do is being able to distinguish different items based on light and darkness. This ability becomes particularly important when you are driving your car at night. When you drink alcohol, your eyes are no longer able to do this the way that they normally are. This is just one of the many reasons not to get behind the wheel once you have been drinking.
  • Slowed pupil reactionAs you probably are aware, liquor additionally defers our responses a lot when we have ingested it. It likewise moderates the capacity your irises need to widen and contract. This can make it troublesome for you to adjust to lighting changes that happen rapidly, for example, those headlights that are approaching out and about.
  • Dry eyesHaving as little as two alcoholic drinks in a sitting can exacerbate the symptoms of dry eye, as alcohol is well known for dehydrating the body.


  • Prenatal exposureSimilarly as the general strength of a baby can be imperilled by drinking while you are pregnant, it can likewise cause extreme issues with the visual perception of the kid too. The greater part of baby eye issues, for example, hanging eyelids, trouble with eye coordination, and an immature optic nerve, are all things related with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
  • Higher chance of cataractsThere have been a bunch of concentrates that have demonstrated that there is an expanded development of waterfalls according to individuals who devour more liquor than what is thought to be prescribed.
  • High risk of AMDDrinking excessively is also known to increase your overall risk factor for developing age-related macular degeneration, which is the most common cause of vision loss in adults.
  • Tobacco-alcohol amblyopiaOptic neuropathy, a condition that is additionally known to prompt vision misfortune is likewise connected with the extreme drinking of liquor.
  • Vitamin deficiencyWhen you are drinking a lot of liquor, you are obstructing the measure of vitamin ingestion that your sweetheart is able to do. When you have something like a vitamin An insufficiency, it can make your cornea thin. This absence of essential supplements can likewise cause corneal puncturing, visual deficiency from harm to the retina and night visual deficiency.

Spectra Eye Hospital, one of the best eye care center in Delhi offers treatments options that are best for your needs.

Eye doctor in delhi

Check for symptoms it might be time for an eye exam?

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On the off chance that you are somebody who considers your eye wellbeing important, it is likely that you plan your next yearly exam each time you complete up with your present one. Notwithstanding, what happens when you start to encounter manifestations that flag to you that something may not be right or if nothing else that something is changing with your eyes? Would it be advisable for you to simply hold up until the point when your next meeting with the eye specialist in Delhi or would it be a good idea for you to be proactive and go visit the eye hospital in Delhi as quickly as time permits? In this post, we will give you a superior thought of what indications are representative that you might be “in danger” where your eye wellbeing is worried, and in addition how you ought to continue.


There are a few unique factors that can put a man at more serious hazard than the general people of having issues with their visual perception. Two of the most well-known variables are having diabetes or hypertension. When you have one of the ailments, your vision wellbeing can be in grave peril. Furthermore, on the off chance that you have a family history of glaucoma or macular degeneration, you could likewise be in danger.

You ought to likewise know that numerous physician endorsed solutions have eye-related reactions. These are frequently things like dry eye. When you are taking these sorts of pharmaceuticals, your optometrist will make sure that they screen your eye wellbeing significantly more intently.


Regardless of whether you are in danger or not, notwithstanding, there are sure conditions that could emerge in which you should hold up until the point when you need to see your Eye doctor in South Delhi for your yearly arrangement. Keep perusing underneath to discover what these are.


In the event that you find that you have been squinting more to peruse street signs when you are driving, this is entirely great sign that it’s the ideal opportunity for your eyeglass or contact remedy to be refreshed. For the situation this is going on when you are not wearing your glasses, you may need to start wearing them all the more frequently with a specific end goal to help your eyes and to simply be more secure while in the driver’s seat.


It is consummately fine in the event that you encounter floaters in your sight now and then. In the event that you aren’t sure what these are, they are simply little spots in your vision that keep you from getting the full picture now and again. Consider the last time you had somebody take your photo with the glimmer on. Those little spots in your vision caused by the glimmer are floaters. In the event that you happen to start seeing a great deal of new floaters, more than expected, you ought to completely contact your optometrist. These could be a sign of retinal separation which could cause changeless visual impairment on the off chance that they go untreated.


While migraines aren’t generally a sign that you have issues with your vision, they could be. On the off chance that you appear to get significantly more migraines all the time, you should see your optometrist within the near future. There is dependably the possibility that they are being caused by eye strain from gazing at screens too long. Nonetheless, there is additionally the likelihood that the reason for your cerebral pains or headaches could be something more genuine.


You have likely had an eye disease before that cleared up alone after some time. Then again, few out of every odd eye contamination will basically work itself out of your framework without the assistance of an optometrist. On the off chance that you are encountering obscured vision, irritation, redness, torment, light affectability, or any irregular release from your eye or eyes, you ought to counsel your eye specialist as quickly as time permits. Indeed, even the minimum undermining of eye diseases can wind up genuine in the event that they go untreated.


What makes ReLEx SMILE different?

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What Makes ReLEx SMILE different?

ReLEx stands for Refractive Lenticule Extraction, and SMILE is short for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. SMILE eye medical procedure can be utilized to treat limitation both with and without astigmatism. This method has comparative advantages to all the more notable strategies, for example, LASIK, yet without the requirement for a corneal fold, which limits the danger of inconveniences.

Who it is used for?

This procedure is an alternative to LASIK for patients with regularly shaped corneas.

It is particularly suited to patients with a high degree of short-sightedness (myopia), and astigmatism .

SMILE may also be suitable for patients who have previously been told they don’t meet the criteria for LASIK. The procedure has less impact on the corneal nerves, making it a better option for those who suffer from dry eyes. And because the cornea heals quicker after SMILE keyhole surgery compared to the flap created for LASIK, it’s an ideal option for people who want to return to contact sports as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, SMILE cannot be used to treat long-sightedness (hyperopia or presbyopia) at this point in time.

The benefits of ReLEx SMILE

  • Fast treatment
  • Better stability
  • Quick recovery
  • Low risk of complications
  • Less discomfort
  • Greater likelihood of eligibility

Your suitability for ReLEx SMILE

Patients who have dry eyes might be unacceptable for LASIK medical procedure, yet regardless of whether you have mellow to direct dry eyes, ReLEx SMILE could in any case be an alternative. You may likewise be reasonable on the off chance that you have a more slender than normal cornea.


Following the surgery, you will be moved to the recovery room for about half an hour. This is to allow your eyes time to adjust and you time to recover from the effects of the sedative. A friend or relative will need to take you home, where you should rest for the remainder of the day.

You will be discharged with eye drops to use at home. A post-operative consultation will be made for later the same day or the next day to check your eyes.

Patients typically experience a quick recovery following the SMILE procedure because it is minimally invasive. While most people can see well the next day, it generally takes a few weeks for your vision to stabilise.

Make sure to keep water away from your eyes for a couple of days and avoid rubbing your eyes for a few weeks.

You will be able to return to work and resume driving 2 to 3 days after surgery.