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" I saw i girl in a club with beautiful eyes & she told me she did a surgery for iris implant. I contact through the website and they gave me the details about Spectra Eye in New Delhi.
I made an appointment through e-mail. I was very stressed & worried but on meeting the doctor & the staff in Spectra Eye, this feeling vanished. I was made to feel very comfortable. Dr. Suraj Munjal has been very cute & humoristic.
The operation wasn"t painful but day after was little difficult. The doctor is very very very professional.
If you love yourself & this is your dream, trust me it can come true very easily.
The whole procedure is very worthful. The staff of the hospital is amazing.


"My experience with dr. Suraj munjal & spectra eye hospital was excellent. From the first moment, I called the hospital inquiry for information, nidhi was very helpful, nice & made me feel very comfortable with my decision to have the eye color change procedure. Dr. Suraj munjal was very professional & made me feel very confident & secure. With such a delicate cosmetic surgery.
I am thrilled with the new color eyes& thank everyone at spectra eye hospital for exceeding my expectation.
I highly recommend this facility to anyone in india or all over the world."

JOEL Lorenzo Caunan
Los Angeles, USA

"My experience was very nice. I was made to feel very comfortable. I thank dr. Suraj and all staff."


"I am very satisfied with my experience. I like my new eye colour. My eyes are healing well. I felt very informed about the procedure. Dr. Suraj munjal & nidhi are very nice.
I felt very comfortable during and after the procedure. The hosspital is close to alot of hotels also. I would like to recommend this to everyone who wants to change their eye color. Just keep 2 weeks in hand."


"The over experience with spectra eye was very comfortable. Dr suraj is gem of a doctor. All the staff is very co-operative. I am very happy with the surgery & would recommend this to all who want to live without glasses"


"Thanking you very much for your helping hnads. Good luck for your future. Hope to see you all again but not for the treatment.
Thank you "

Lakhmi Singh

I am very much satisfied with Spectra Eye and especially would like to say thanks to Dr. Suraj for giving me such a wonderful joy of vision"

Newman Ugada

I am very much satisfied with spectra eye and especially would like to say thanks to Dr. Suraj for giving me such a wonderful joy of vision.

Rii Thanhawla,Wife of Chief Minister,Mizoram ( Mr. Lal Thanhawala)

After Lasik surgery I can see without glasses, thanks Team Spectra Eye and Dr. Suraj Munjal for making my life glass/hassle free.

Nauha Qahtan

I thank staff and management Spectra Eye Hospital,GK-1, for wonderful and soothing experience from stage 1 till follow up, after lasik laser on my daughter,it was truly painless and took just 20 minutes, we wish you to extend such services in Yemen,as well

Mother of Nauha
Ambassador of Yemen

Never thought life would be so much hassle free and relaxed without the spectacles. All thanks to Dr. Suraj Munjal and team for such a lovely gift of spectacle free eye sight. Spectra Eye would remain on top of my recommendation list and would remain attached to the institute for future to come. Thanks once again.

Navneet Singh

"Due to squint my friends used to tease me but now my life has become interesting,now i can easily stay out from home and can play with friends,thank you Doctor and your team, Especially I would like to say thanks to staff of Spectra Eye who never make me feel that I am out of my country." I LOVE INDIA

(14 Years/Female)

" Pre Surgery my life had become jejune, but now after cataract surgery it has become hurdle free. I would like to say thanks to team of Spectra Eye for giving me personal touch during my stay in hospital."

Asha Gurbani
(54 Years/Female)

" After Lasik surgery i can see without glasses, thanks Spectra Eye and Dr. Suraj for making my life glass free."

(61 Years/Female)

" I get my cataract surgery done from Spectra Eye.God bless Dr. Suraj and his team , I personally would like to recommend people to Spectra Eye."

Ashok Chadha
(66 Years/Male)

 Dr. Suraj is very experienced doctor and I am very happy after his treatment "

Enaiyat Ullha
(43 years/Male)

" After Lasik Laser treatment i can see with out glasses , I would like to say thanks to all the staff for giving me personal touch, especially administrative staff. "

Khalil Ahmjad
(23 years/Male)

" I would like to say Thanks to Spectra Eye for giving me glass free life ,now i can feel the color of vision "

Prithwiraj Singh
(25 years/ Male)

" Team of Spectra Eye is Very experienced,after my cataract surgery my life has become smooth and hurdle free, so my blesses are Spectra Eye,I would love to recomend people to Spectra Eye."

Shashi Puri
(51 years/Female)

By the grace of God and Spectra Eye I am now able to see much clear. I also would like to thank CGHS for having Spectra Eye on panel.

Godha Ram Chhabra
(80 years/Male)

We are overwhelmed with the personalized care and best treatment provided by Dr. Suraj and team at Spectra Eye Hospital, GK-1. My nephew was almost blind but now has significantly improved. Spectra Eye Hospital has again added life to the eyes of my nephew’s. We wish Doctor and team a very happy, healthy and long life. Insa Allah

Najah H. Mohammed

"I came to New Delhi for my eye color change surgery. I know it sound scary & crazy for people who hear that for the first time, but that was my dream for ages. I was doing a lot of researches before to find the right place, the right doctor & my final decision was convinced by me, choosing " Spectra Eye" in south of New Delhi with the head doctor who performed the surgery, Dr. Suraj Munjal. First of all i would like to mention that the clinic is very clean & the staff are very very nice. They are always ready to help & they always look after the patients. When i came there, i felt so comfortable & they always brought me an amazing cup of Indian tea. As for the surgery, i couldn't be more happier about how everything went. Dr. Suraj Munjal is just a professional master with " gold hands". I din't feel any pain, discomfort during the surgery. It took actually 5 mins to do one eye. Just unbelievable, now technology and innovations are used by real masters like Dr. Suraj Munjal. Now i have an amazing ICE GRAY eyes that looks so natural & suits me as well. Dreams come true ,, Fact !! I suggest everyone who still thinking about this: if you really want it, just do it. I strongly recommend you based on my experience, Come to Spectra Eye& meet Dr. Suraj Munjal."

Anastasia Zehelobovskaya (24 yrs old, Model)
Khabarovsk, Russia