” What is the cause of Dry Eyes”

In this blog we are going to talk about a major cause of dry eye . Our tear film is made of two important layers.

  • First,the inner mucoaqueos layer which provides sticky foundation to the eye and comprise of tears produced by lacrimal gland
  • And the outer and most important oil layer- The function of this oil layer is to lubricate the eye and protect the aqueous layer from getting evaporated.

Image Credit – affinityeyecaregroup

What is Meibomian Glands

This protective oily layer on the tears are secreted by the small glands situated in the eyelids called Meibomian Glands. These glands produce the natural oils in your tears. Blockage of the Meibomian glands is the primary problem in most dry eye and it is treatable. When these glands are blocked or not working, it’s called MGD Meibomian Gland dysfunction and this is the leading cause of dry eye symptoms

MGD can become more common as we age. It is also commonly observed in patients using digital devices for long hours, contact lens wearers, use of glaucoma medications. When MGD goes untreated, it leads to dry eye and other symptoms of ocular discomfort, redness and unstable vision

That is why assessing Meibomian gland health should be a part of your regular eye exam. MGD is easiest to treat in its earliest stages.

The treatment of Meibomian Gland involves unblocking the blocked gland which can be done with the help of manual compression and warm compression. With the advancement of science, there is a technology available which can provide a precise application of simultaneous heat and massage to the eyelids leading to the improvement in the functionality of these glands.

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