Laser based vision correction techniques are in the vogue for the past 3 decades. With the help of technology, these procedures have not only evolved but have also been proved very impactful for the patients. In today’s date there are 2 refractive surgeries which are in most demand. The most advanced 3rd generation SMILE (Small Incision Lenticular Extraction) and 2nd generation Contoura Vision.

Contoura vision eye surgery

Contoura Vision eye surgery procedure is also called Topography-guided LASIK. This is recommended for patients with near-sightedness with and without an astigmatism. Contoura Vision is the second-generation laser-based vision correction procedure available in the market for the patients to choose from.

Here are some facts that you should be aware of about the Contoura vision correction procedure –

  1. Contoura Vision is not a flapless process

Contoura vision is a topo guided LASIK procedure. In this procedure, the doctor analyses the corneal surface of the patient and maps it against numerous data points and will eventually help the patient with corrected vision, post-surgery.

You should also evaluate other advanced vision correction procedures available, such as SMILE. In SMILE laser surgery, the doctor creates a key hole size incision on cornea using ground breaking femtosecond laser. He then extracts a lenticule through the keyhole to shape the cornea and correct the vision.

SMILE is minimally invasive in true measures as LASIK involves a side cut that is 80% bigger in size. SMILE preserves the biomechanical strength of cornea to ensure that you don’t suffer from conditions such as dry eyes in the post-surgery phase.

  • Contoura Vision creates a flap, which might lengthen the recovery process

Contoura vision involves creating a small flap on the cornea to allow the reshaping of the underlying corneal tissues. The flap is then replaced after the surgery.

However, 3rd generation procedure like SMILE does not require the creation of flaps during the surgery. The keyhole technique eliminates all complications related to flap creation, thereby speeding up the recovery process. You will be able to see 80-90% (of what you were able to see with your glasses or contacts prior to the surgery) within one day, and gain perfect vision in three days.

  • Contoura Vision gives multiple shots, hence level of complications might increase

Laser based techniques are used to correct various vision scenarios. It also depends on the profile of the eye and how sensitive it is to external treatment plan. (Source:

In the case of Contoura vision correction procedure, doctor might use multiple shots of laser based on the profile of the eye. While evaluating various options available for vision correction, you should also consider SMILE LASIK vision correction surgery. It is a single step procedure, as it uses a short pulse of laser and is pointed through the external surface of the eye. This process works quickly and without causing any foreign body to be entering the eye.

SMILE (SMall Incision Lenticular Extraction) is the next generation technique is one of the most advanced techniques available today. The femtosecond laser used in the SMILE procedure is very soft on eye and it does not create any sort of pressure on the eye surface.

The procedure is painless and flapless as it does not involve removal of any layers of cornea, instead this procedure creates a small incision on the surface of the eye and corrects the refractive errors.

  • Contoura Vision is Painful and invasive procedure

Theoretically, Contoura vision correction procedure is because the doctor creates an 18-20 mm flap while making an incision.

In the ReLEx SMILE procedure bio mechanical strength of cornea is better preserved. The SMILE procedure is also simplest and easy to perform. Once the keyhole incision is made, the doctor removes the lenticule to change the shape of the cornea.

  • Contoura Vision : There are new advanced procedures available, SMILE procedure

Contoura vision is one of the 2nd generation techniques which doctors prefer. However, today thanks to the advancement in technologies, there are various types of laser eye surgery techniques available and they are from the 3rd generation techniques like SMILE available.

It is advised to consult the right experts in the field such as Dr Suraj Munjal, Spectra Eye Hospital to get the right guidance.

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