Is there any correlation between headache and Eye Problem

Refractive Error (Myopia) Hypermetropia/Astigmatism: It is usually seen in young patients or children. A headache will be associated with diminution of vision either for distance or near due to the inability to focus rays of light on the retina of the eye. This defect can be treated by the constant use of glasses.

Relation between headache and eye problems

Presbyopia:: – Patients older than 35-40 years might develop headache on attempted near work like stitching, sewing. It is caused by an attempt to accommodate an image or to focus an image on the retina. Headache might be associated with other symptoms like itching, irritation, etc. This Problem can be treated by using bifocal glasses that have to use only during near work.

A weakness of Eye Muscles (Convergence Insufficiency):: – It is caused due to the weakness of the extraocular muscles of the eye. Headache associated with this condition occurs in children and in young people. Such patients usually complaint of frontal headache especially during continued near work. Pen exercise can be done at home or at the orthoptic clinic to treat this condition by exercising his/her eye muscles.

Want to get rid of eye problems

Glaucoma: Acute headache may get precipitated in low light conditions due to an increase in intraocular pressure. This condition poses a major threat to the nerve of the eye as an increase in intraocular pressure can compress the nerve responsible for vision called the optic nerve. This condition is considered an emergency as it can lead to permanent visual loss. Immediate evaluation and management (medical or surgical) are indicated for such a patient.

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