What is Squint, or strabismus

Squint is described as misalignment of the eyes. Squint is also called strabismus in medical terms.Normal alignment and co-ordinated movements of our eyes are very important to achieve a clear and binocular vision (stereopsis/3D image)

This is maintained by six muscles in each eye(recti and obliques), hence our both eyes look at the same object together and makes our eyes centered.

In squint one eye fixes at the object we want to look at but the other eye fixes on something else.

Types of Squint surgery

Exotropia –One eye deviates outwards.

Esotropia-(crosseyed)- One eye deviates in words

Hypertropias- When eye is deviated upwards. Hypotropia-When eye is deviated downwards

Squint Eye

As in Squint, both eyes perceive different images which are further perceived by our brain so the patients may have

a)Double vision-(seen in acute cares ) as the vision in deviated eye appear blurred

b)Visual confusion (rare ) in which the different images perceived by two eyes merge into one.

c) In some cares, the blurred images from the deviated eyes are ignored or suppressed hence can lead to lazy eye (amblyopia) in children.

What is the cause of squint eye

Refractive error-decreased vision in the eye can lead to squinting. Some children develop esotropia (inward turning of the eye) because of hypermetropia (farsighted)

Some children can be born with a squint

Trauma defective nerves or muscles of the eye.

Trauma, defective nerves or muscles of the eye.

Other causes like retinoblastoma (tumor) can cause a squint

Decreased vision due to Cataract (dense) in children and adults can also cause squint.

What is the treatment of squint

If squint is noticed in a child in or an adult ,it is necessary to get your eyes completely evaluated by an ophthalmologists and should be done as soon as possible specially in children because if squint is left untreated for a longer period of time it may lead to lazy eye (amblyopia ), hence leading to permanent reduction in vision. Nowadays the treatment of squint is available in many ways.

Amblyopia-(lazy eye) is reversible /treatable till the age of 3 years by patching their opy . Your doctor will ask you patch the good eye of your child every day for a few hours, forcing the brain to use the eye with less vision and hence strengthening it in the process.

If the child has cataract  surgery is required to remove it

In case of refractive error glasses are prescribed and improvement in squint is evaluated after few weeks most cases of esotropia (crosseye) in children can be corrected by it and hence surgery is not required

If no other cause is seen or if the squint is not corrected by others above methods then surgery is done on eye muscles to align /straighten the eyes. Patients can  have some discomfort watering pain after the surgery but it generally settles down in a few days .

Depending on the degree of squint, a number of to be cooperated is decided by your surgeons. It is very safe surgery and in most cases, squint is completely corrected in one sitting /surgery but your surgeon may inform you regarding the requirement of a second surgery. squint eye surgery in Delhi is available at the best price and very much affordable.

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