Which IOL is right for me?

By September 1, 2018cataract
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Which IOL is right for me?

Cataract Surgery can be overwhelming, but what could be stressful is choosing the right lens post your surgery. It is important to choose the right IOL as it is replaced just once and has a permanent effect. With the advancement of technology, a lot of new IOLs are available that can treat a variety of other conditions and improve your vision drastically.

Before undergoing the surgery, you should choose which IOL is right for you

Standard Lenses:

These lenses can improve your vision only at a particular distance. Depending on your work and lifestyle, you must choose the lens. Standard lens can either improve your vision for long distance, short distance or middle distance.

Toric Lenses:

These lenses, similar to standard lenses, can improve your vision only at one distance. However, it can treat astigmatism which is caused when your lens or cornea becomes irregular.

Multifocal Lenses:

Multifocal lenses can correct your vision at more than one distance without the need for different glasses. However, there are still better options.

Monofocal Lenses:

This is the most versatile lens when it comes to correcting your vision post cataract. A single lens for farsightedness is inserted into one eye and another for shortsightedness is inserted into another helping you avoid the problems of multifocal lens.

Do your research. Ask your doctor.

Based on your lifestyle and vision, a doctor may be able to suggest the best IOL for you. At Spectra Eye Hospital, we have the most technologically advanced diagnostic set up for helping you get the best eye care possible.

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