Today is World Sight Day . This day is celebrated to create awareness about the eye as it is one of the most valuable parts of our body system. Let’s take a few steps towards Eye care and give them as much care as they deserve.


Eight ways to take care of your eyes

  1. Healthy Diet- Follow a healthy balanced diet, especially which are rich in Vitamin A.

Vitamin A includes green leafy vegetables, sweet potato etc. It is one of the most essentials nutrients for the eyes.

Vitamin C includes oranges, lemon, grapefruit, broccoli, etc., and It helps in the prevention of cataract & progression of AMD. Also, add minerals in your diet to have a proper sight.

Try to include fish, mushroom, peanuts, legumes in your diet; it can prevent the development of Glaucoma.


  1. Protect your eyes from the sun– Always wear the right pair of shades whenever you step out. It will protect your eyes from the UV rays, which is not suitable for the eyes.


  1. Try to avoid prolonged working hours on the computer- Computer vision has become a new-age problem. Try to take a break from long working hours and start wearing reading glasses. Long working hours can induce dry eyes which result in stress, shoulder pain etc.


  1. Quit Smoking- “Smoking is injurious to health.” This statement is so right. Smoking can affect your optic nerve and also can lead to Cataracts. Try to quit smoking and consult your doctor for further help.

Quit Smoking

  1. Add Yoga in Your daily routine- Try to do Eye oriented exercise which will give relief to your eyes. Exercise improves blood circulation and provides oxygen to the eyes, which in results reduces toxins. Give rest to your eyes every 20 minutes Use an anti-glare screen if needed.


  1. Go for a regular checkup for your eyes- A routine eye exam is the best way to protect your eyes. Whenever you feel irregularities in your eyes, meet your ophthalmologist and try to stick with their advice.


  1. Always choose a polarised lens– Polarised lens blocks 99 to 100% UV rays. It will help you to protect your eyes from the UV rays. It also reduces glares while you drive or work.


  1. Avoid foods which are not suitable for the eyes-Always try to avoid white foods like pasta, bread, etc.,

Avoid unsaturated fats and oily food because it is unfit for the eyes.

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