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Dr. Saurabh SinghDr. Saurabh Singh
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Dr. Saurabh Singh
Dr. Saurabh Singh

Post Graduate and Senior Residency Training + Running of Out Patient Department (OPD) & EM management of trauma & critical care patients. + Performed various Slit-lamp procedures like Gonioscopy, Applanation Tonometry, Goldman three mirror examination, YAG capsulotomy and iridotomy.

Phacoemulsification, under topical anaesthesia. + Small incision, cataract surgery, ECCE with PCIOL; ECCE with ACIOL. Glaucoma surgery, phacotrab.

Keratoplasty + DCR surgery, pterygium surgery. + Evisceration with prosthetic implantation, enucleation + Performed various lid surgeries like entropion, ectropion, dermoid, chalazion.

Worked in Oculoplasty unit where special emphasis was on lid reconstruction and + Assisted in major reconstructive (Ptosis, Orbitotomy)


Dr. Saurabh Singh

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