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Oculoplasty Surgery
Oculoplasty Surgery
Reconstructive Surgery performed by some of the best eye surgeons

Oculoplastic surgery is one of the principal offerings of Spectra Eye. And this technique is getting very popular without a doubt. It is also known as ophthalmic plastic surgery. It is the procedure of improving the functions and appearance of facial skin, particularly the ones on the eye region. The most common patients of oculoplastic surgery are those who are involved in accidents, those who had developed certain sicknesses and those who have the deficiency since birth. While oculoplastic surgery is frequently used for aesthetic reasons, it actual application is very comprehensive. This process is also referred to as a type of reconstructive surgery. The specialists at Spectra Eye can categorically help many people who wish to opt for Oculoplastic surgery.

What is Oculoplastic surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery, also known as Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive, Oculofacial or Eye Plastic Surgery, is a surgical subspecialty of Ophthalmology that copes with the medical and surgical management of malformations and abnormalities of the eyelids, lacrimal (tear) system, orbit (bony socket) and the adjacent face.

Common reasons requiring Oculoplasty intervention
  • Drooping of the eyelids
  • In-turning (Entropion) or out-turning (Ectropion) of the lid margin.
  • Eyelid and orbital deformities including tumors
  • Watery eyes due to blockage of tear draining duct or eyelid laxity
  • Artificial eye (prosthesis)
Delicate Care for your eyes

Oculoplastic Surgery is plastic surgery as it pertains to the region around the eye. The eyelids and surrounding zones are tremendously complex and delicate structures that are vital to the preservation of sight and are imperative features of a normal facial appearance. We offer oculoplasty treatment in Delhi by some of the best eye doctors in the country.

Oculoplasty Treatment in Delhi NCR

Oculoplasty treatment is very essential especially for those who go through an accident or have a major injury on the face. Our doctors are highly skilled and try to create as natural results as possible.

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Oculoplastic surgery is a general term used to represent a variety of procedures that involve the orbit, eyelids, tear ducts, and the face. Ocular reconstructive surgery, aesthetic eyelid surgery, facial plastic surgery, and cosmetic procedures fall into this category.

Some types of oculoplastic surgery are considered both medically necessary and cosmetic. For instance, certain eyelid and periocular issues can affect a person’s appearance as well as their vision, eye comfort, and eye health.
A DCR is an operation on the tear ducts to help improve drainage of tears from the eye to the nose. It is usually performed when there is a blockage in the main tear duct between the eye and the nose (the nasolacrimal duct), that has caused the eye to water and sometimes become infected. It is also sometimes performed when there is a partial blockage to improve tear drainage.
When the nasolacrimal duct, the tube which drains tears into the nose, is blocked a surgical procedure is usually required. During this procedure, called as DCR (Dacryocystorhinostomy), a hole is created between the tear sac and the inside of the nose.