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a kinder, gentler vision correction.

SMILE Surgery in Delhi India


Available at Spectra Eye Hospital

SMILE is the most advanced technology to remove spectacles and is FDA approved. It is much safer than any other surgery till date and has better longterm outcome. Spectra Eye is one of the first few centres offering SMILE across Delhi NCR. For free SMILE work up and to know more about offer, contact Spectra Eye hospital Helpdesk.

Why Choose Spectra Eye Hospital?

  1. Latest SMILE Procedure available
  2. Largest team of doctors
  3. Multiple treatment options for your refractive errors
  4. All diagnostic modalities under one roof
  5. One of the first few centres to have SMILE correction technology in Delhi NCR
  6. Easy Payment Plans, TPA and cashless benefits
  7. Special offer on SMILE
  8. Over 20000 laser eye corrections done



No Flap Related Complications like flap dislocation or detachment

As SMILE does not require flap, there are no flap related complications

No Blades

SMILE needs only 2.5mm corneal key-hole incision while LASIK may need upto 20 mm incision

Quicker Healing

SMILE treatment provides quick relief as compared to LASIK

Wider Application

People with thin corneal tissue who are unfit for LASIK can still opt for SMILE (To be decided by operating surgeon).There are some conditions in which LASIK can not be done while SMILE can be done.

One Step, One Laser Procedure

Excimer laser is not needed as only femto second is used in the procedure. Hence no odour, less discomfort, faster healing. On the contrary, LASIK needs two lasers - excimer and femto for the procedure. Excimer Laser has a peculiar odour and causes discomfort.

Video on SMILE

Best Technology. Best Price.

If you want to live a life free from specs and contacts and are looking for technology more advanced and safer than LASIK, SMILE Surgery is the best option. Spectra Eye Hospital offers SMILE surgery at the best price in Delhi. Patients can avail upto 20% discount till surgeries in May.

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