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Squint does not get corrected on its own.
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Squint or Strabismus is the disorder where the eyes do not line up together in the same direction. It can be corrected as early as when the child is 6 months of age. We have many successful stories of Squint correction in children due to our experienced specialists. We also offer adult squint treatment in Delhi.

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The earlier you start the treatment, the more successful it is.

In Squint, one eye looks at one object, while the other eye turns in a different direction and is focused on another object. This occurs due to weakness or overaction of one or more eye muscles. Two different images are sent to the brain, one from each eye. This confuses the brain which may cause Double vision (Diplopia) or Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) where the brain may learn to ignore the image from the weaker eye. In Amblyopia, the result of vision correction even after squint treatment is poor. Squint requires a detailed examinations and individualised treatment plan for best results.

Even adults can develop Squint

Adult squint can be caused for a number of reasons like hypertension, brain lesion and diabetic mellitus. It is imperative to understand the cause and extent of the squint for a proper treatment plan. If the squint is persistent, a surgery is required for correction. We offer comprehensive adult squint treatment in Delhi.


Squint does not correct on its own. We offer a holistic approach when it comes to squint correction. Based on a comprehensive evaluation by our specialist, a treatment plan is created. It is often a stepwise approach involving:


Correcting amblyopia (lazy eye)

Amblyopia correction is made by patching the good eye for few hours every day so as to equalize the vision in both eyes. This can be done before the age of 10.


Correcting refractive errors

Some squints can by corrected by spectacles alone. Our specialist would guide you on the best solution.



It involves operating on the eye muscles so as to align both the eyes together in all direction. One or more operations may be needed for cosmetic correction and creating the perfect vision and binocularity.

Squint Treatment in Delhi

Squint can develop as early as the first six months after child birth. Our specialists recommend to start the treatment as early as possible. On your visit, a complete evaluation will be performed to offer the most accessible treatment plan. To know more about Squint treatment in Delhi, speak to our expert today.

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